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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Hi Peaches! 🍑Today the Peach cast, Suho, Taekwang and Yeseul start 2022 with a state of the art Tik Tok compilation that will make you awww and laugh! They started this video sharing the New Year’s resolutions! Mark Yeseul’s words: in 2022 she will try to work out regularly (go to the gym 4 times a week) to get her dream body ready for the next summer! She also said her goal was to do a Body profile photoshoot! Do you think she can do it? Did you like this video our Korean trio reacted to? Let us know in the comment and remember…Life is a Peach! (with a P) #JAYMESYOUNG #INFINITY #TIKTOK #REACTION #KOREANSREACT

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▶︎ Suho @whoissuho // https://ift.tt/3KGkZDx
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▶︎ Yeseul W. @yeseul_one // https://ift.tt/330aW7e
▶︎ Vianney D.

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